So raise your bottle to the boys and let’s remember…

I went to a Texas Rangers game this weekend. It was HOT, I got a nice tan (sunburn), the park was full and the Rangers beat the Pirates. Nothing that I just listed was the important part about my weekend in Arlington though.

As I sat in a sea of red, white and blue and watched an entire stadium come together to do the wave over and over to root, root, root for the home team I started feeling just a little nostalgic for our red, white and blue. Our USA.

You see, this weekend is a special reason to celebrate for many reasons. Specifically today, many of us God fearing, red, white, and blue wearing, baseball lovin’ Americans feel just a little more patriotic. Today, Memorial Day means just a little more to me than ever before.

One day, not too long ago my baby brother told me that he wanted to join the Marines. That day, I selfishly cried like a  baby because I didn’t want to be somebody remembering a loved one on a day like today. I was terrified. The day he got disqualified for his beyond-bad-eyesight, I selfishly celebrated knowing that I would never have to. Don’t get me wrong, anybody that knows me also knows that I will support my little brother in anything he choses to do. He’s like my best friend, but don’t you dare tell him I said that. This was just not a sacrifice I was prepared to make.

My point in telling you this story is simple. I was lucky. Today, I don’t have to remember my little brother because I can cherish the fact that he’s still here with me. However, so many families around our great nation do not have that luxury. Today, those sacrifices mean just a little bit more to me.

So whether you decide to spend today on a lake, watching a baseball game (GO RANGERS!), or grilling with family and friends, remember what today is really about. Remember the families that sacrificed their sons, daughters, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, moms and dads to selflessly defend our freedom. Remember all of the brave men and women that paid the ultimate price and be thankful for their sacrifice. Remember that life is short and because of that, hold your loved ones close. Most importantly, remember that you live in the best nation on Earth, the land of the free because of the brave.

Today, I’m thankful. Today, I remember. Today I will selfishly celebrate how much I love my family and the fact that they’re here on American soil out of harm’s way because somebody else is sacrificing for us. Today, I will pray for those fallen, missing and the families that had to sacrifice so much. Today and everyday, I will thank them.

“So raise your bottle to the boys (and girls) and let’s remember, all of the fallen and the price they had to pay. Raise ’em up high and salute all the ones who made it back, and all the ones away from home, don’t forget to pray.” Aaron Watson

2 Replies to “So raise your bottle to the boys and let’s remember…”

  1. As a neighbor from Oklahoma her words infuriated me. My family and livestock by the grace of God were spared. Was within a mile and a half when the wind changed direction. Even though we were spared my heart is completely broken for everyone. It is heartbreaking to see the unimaginable amount of cows and other animals who perished but we are all strong and will come out of this stronger and better people. Thank you for the time you spent composing your letter and reminding us to be the better person. God Bless!!. From your neighbor in the panhandle of Oklahoma.


    1. Sweet friend, my heart is filled with joy that you were spared. I know its so hard to be thankful for yourself when so many around you are hurting, isn’t it? I hope you can be an encouragement to others today and the hard days ahead! Thanks for reading!


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