Howdy and welcome to my blog… I cannot wait to share some of my most important thoughts with you! Okay, okay, they may not be THAT important, but you’re here and I am so glad you are! I cannot wait to share my crazy, beautiful life with you. Y’all, we were made to live in community with others so I am so thrilled to share my heart with each of you who visits my blog. I hope you share yours with me, too! Seriously, if you have a comment, funny story that relates to something I’m talking about or simply need somebody to lean on I’m here to talk and pray for you! Let’s chat! Here’s the most important things you should know about me: I love Jesus, coffee, my dogs, my family and the framily (it’s kinda like family except they’re my friends and I chose them..haha). I am also a totally proud Texan and agriculturalist! I cannot wait to share some of my most inner, sometimes quirky, thoughts with you! I hope you enjoy! Remember, sharing is caring!

Much love,


P.S. I got the name “Moore to Life” because my last name is Moore, just in case you were wondering why there is an extra “o”